Date of Birth: 

Daisy Japulija was born near Noonkanbah under a Konkerberry tree. She grew up in Noonkanbah and worked in the station kitchen until she married Colin Wasi. They left Noonkanbah and travelled around the country. They ended up at Cherrabun Station where they set up camp for a long time. They had one son together.
Daisy started painting at the Noonkanbah shearing shed and then in the old Mangkaja shed a long time ago. Previously, paintings done at Yakanara were sent to Mangkaja. She painted with Yakanara Adult Education Centre whose main emphasis was the teaching of children, instruction in language and culture and teaching people about painting. Those attending were also taken on excursions to the local waterholes and rivers. Daisy visited her desert country only once when her mother took her there as an adult.

2008: Fitzroy Crossing Hospital - paintings on canvas