Margaret Albert is a Nyul Nyul/Bardi Jawi woman living in Jimbalagudnj in the Kimberley of Western Australia. She has three sons and is married to Navarone Nargoodah. She is also daughter-in-law to master bush dyer Eva Nargoodah and currently employed at Mangkaja Arts as an Arts worker and administration assistant.
Margaret makes bush dyed scarves and seed and bead jewellery. When she goes fishing or for a walk, she collects barks and seeds from the local landscape to make beautiful artworks. She is developing her dying techniques to create signature patterns and one of her large silk bush dyed scarves was exhibited in Port Hedland Art Prize 2018.
Also learning block print and screen printing from Jonian Ivy Nargoodah, her sister-in-law, to expand her art practice. Margaret enjoys keeping busy and gaining experience, working in her personal art ‘space’ of peace and calm.
Margaret’s different experiences of living near saltwater and freshwater and traveling through the Kimberley throughout her life continues to inform her art. She has developed sophisticated drawing skills creating etched tins that were exhibited at Fremantle Art Centre’s Revealed 2018. More recently she has started exploring the medium of Acrylic on Perspex to exhibit in Revealed 2020.


April 2020 "Revealed" Fremantle Art Centre, Perth, WA.
Sept 2018 Port Hedland Art Prize, WA.
April 2018 "Revealed" Fremantle Art Centre, Perth, WA.
Boab Nut and Flowers 60x60cm Acrylic on 3mm Polycarbonate