Great Sandy Desert

Walmajarri man Ned Cox makes traditional artefacts including coolamons, spears, shields, boomerangs and other cultural tools and objects.  He uses the same techniques that were passed onto him by the old people. Ned is also an important cultural leader in the community and acts as a Cultural Advisor when required.  He is a Law Boss, Singer, Painter and Carver.
Ned has worked with young people and participated in cultural festivals and gatherings, to demonstrate woodcarving and how to make cultural artefacts in the traditional way.  In addition, Ned explains how these objects were used in the old days.

2008 Swedish Government Collection - Artefact Donated to Swedish Government as part of repatriation agreement
2008 National Museum of Australia - Artefacts as part Canning Stock Route (CSR) Project Collection
Oct 2008 - Boomerang and Coolamon Carving Demonstrations & Garnduwa Sporting and Cultural Festival
Sept 2008 - Traditional Artefact Making Workshops & KALACC triennial Cultural Festival
Aug 2008 - Traditional Artefact Making Workshops & Ngumpan Cultural Festival