Jimbalakudunj Community

“Growing up in and around Fitzroy Crossing I have learnt how important it is to keep stories alive from elders. From a very young age as we would make our way fishing and or hunting or whether is was around a campfire at night, stories would be told about the past, since working at Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency I was able to witness those stories come alive.

I’m Lynley Nargoodah current Chairwomen of Mangkaja, a Nyikina/ Walmajarri woman from Fitzroy Crossing. As a mother of 5 kids sharing of stories is very important, it defines the past, shapes your future. I have been employed by Mangkaja Arts for 3 years as Gallery/Administrative Assistant and HR Manager in my role I assist staff, artist and families with day to day stuff.

“In 2016 I was involved with the Desert River Sea Kimberly Art Then & Now Visual Arts Leadership Program -Curating with Carly Lane Art Curator. Also I undertook AWEP (Arts Worker Extension Program) with ANKA, the programme has helped me to understand how important it is to conserve and look after our art works.

As an emerging artist, myself I think it’s very important for us to keep telling our stories so that our younger generation can keep the story going through art. One day my daughters will be able to paint the butterfly story as I paint it.

Once the stories stop, it’s all gone we will have nothing to share and those places of significants will soon be forgotten. “

Lynley has been a director and arts worker at Mangkaja for 3 years and continues to lead the organization and assist in the training and engagement of young people at the centre.  She recently curated “Janangoo” a series of paintings by Butcher Cherel for the 2020 Perth Festival at Fremantle Art Centre and was appointed to DAAF board .

Painting Themes: 
Bush Medicine
Bush Food
Fitzroy River stories and animals
Positions Held: 
Mangkaja Board Chairperson
Mangkaja Art Admin and Curator
Bush Medicine Polymer paint on canvas
Bushe Medicine Acrylic on perspex