Eva Nargoodah Solo Exhibition 'Painted Seasons - Times for Hunting & Food Gathering'
ReDot Gallery, Old Hill Street Police Station, 140 Hill Street, #01-08, Singapore 179369
ReDot Gallery
Thursday, October 1, 2015

“ReDot Fine Art Gallery is extremely honoured to be hosting the first ever solo show for Eva, a Walmajarri woman born on Christmas Creek Station in early 1958.  During her early years she shifted between several Stations as she followed her parents, her father being a stockman and her mother a home helper and concurrently Ninuku Tjuta, a follow up exhibition from the sell-out show by Ninuku Arts in 2012 and 2013. Deriving from a tiny community in the north-western corner of South Australia, Ninuku Arts is one of the most exciting art centres to emerge over the past 10 years.

The Ninuku exhibition, boasts an extraordinary group of master works painted by the three most senior men in the community together with a small body of works by other pretenders to their throne.   As the traditional owners of the land these men hold the most important stories of their country deep within their hearts and are tasked with its survival and passage into the next generation.

This exhibition is a bold statement about ownership and history, but also a joyous collection of paintings acting as an invitation to the viewer – an invitation onto the land of these old tribal men. As well as teaching the international audience about their culture, the show also aims to teach the emerging artists, laying down a challenge to take their cultural forward in today’s modern world.

Eva’s show PAINTED SEASONS: Times for Hunting and Food Gathering, is a collection of 15 major works on canvas by Eva, the largest body of work that has ever been amassed in one show over a period of almost two years.  Her work is in such demand that it normally sells before ever leaving the art centre studio, usually to travelling collectors or enthusiasts who fall in love, whilst visiting the community in Fitzroy Crossing, with her intricate interpretations of the seasonal changes in the North Western deserts.

The exhibition begins on Wednesday, 16th September and runs until Saturday, 17th October 2015, with the opening on the 1st of October in the presence of Eva Nargoodah.  It is a must-see for anyone interested in following the recent developments of Indigenous art in Australia." 

The Mangkaja works can be found at the following link

The Ninuku works can be found at the following link

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