Date of Birth: 

Graham has spent some years in Bidyadanga, but his family are from Muludja near Fitzroy Crossing. His mother was born on Fossil Downs and was taken away by the government when she was four. Graham spent much of his childhood with his family at Muludja and has lived there for a number of years. He will be returning to his country soon. Graham relates to the bush and he has very strong ties to the vegetation and land. Bush medicine and other culturally significant icons feature in his images. 

2012 Paintings from Fitzroy Crossing Bridget Mcdonald Gallery Hampton, VIC
2012 Mangkaja Arts 21 years Exhibition Tandanya National Aboriginal Institute, SA
2012 Works from Fitzroy Crossing The Gallery Shop, Sydney, NSW
2012 Jila Gallery Tjukurrpa, Manly, NSW
2012 Mervyn Street and Mangkaja Artists Mossenson Gallery, Collingwood, VIC
2012 Mangkaja Arts Art Mob, Hobart, TAS
2012 Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Exhibi on Centre, Darwin, NT
2011 Works form Mangkaja Arts Tandanya Na onal Aboriginal Ins tute, SA
2011 Mangkaja Arts Bridget Mcdonald Gallery Hampton, VIC
2011 Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Exhibi on Centre, Darwin, NT
25/10, Coolamon and Digging Stick, 60x60cm, Acrylic on canvas
132/11, Baaboorroo Walibirriya, 120x120cm, Acrylic on canvas
162/10, Bush Onion, 56x76cm, Gouache on 300gsm S&W paper
444/10, My Mothers' Story, 60x60cm, Acrylic on canvas
677/09, Boab nuts, 60x60cm, Acrylic on canvas
847/09, Old Dingo Land - Fossil Downs, 60x60cm, Acrylic on canvas
921/10, Jalnganjoonja, 90x90cm, Acrylic on canvas
922/10, Bargga, 90x120cm, Acrylic on canvas