Group Exhibition @ Marshall Arts, Adelaide
Marshall Arts
1A Park Street, Hyde Park, Adelaide, SA 5061


Mangkaja Artists: Colin WASI, Rosie Tarku KING, Nada Tjigila RAWLINS, Dolly Jukuja SNELL, Daisy JAPULIJA, Eva NARGOODAH, Daisy ANDREWS, Andrea PINDAN.

“We are very pleased to present a group exhibition of paintings from Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency, Fitzroy Crossing, WA.  One can never accuse Mangkaja's artists of being shy of colour! Washes of intense colour define this Western Australia art centre's style. Important sites and landforms are picked out in bold swathes and jabs of paint, executed with unwavering confidence. The north west of the country is famous for its dramatic landscapes, and the unique style of these artists is a reflection of their exceptional environment.”

Marshall Arts, 2014

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