Lisa Uhl
Date of Birth: 
Mindi Rardi

Lisa is a young woman with a disability living in Fitzroy Crossing in the West Kimberley area of

Western Australia. Her language group is Wangkatjunka and she has lived all of her life in Fitzroy


Lisa represents her love for her home through her abstract paintings of her country and her

community. She displays her unique cultural connection to place through art. Lisa’s layering of

colours creates an atmospheric rhythm within her works which speaks of the humidity and expanse

of the Kimberley. Her work is represented by Mangkaja Art Centre and has been shown locally and

nationally in group exhibitions.

294/10, Kurrkapi Tree, 56x76cm, Acrylic on Fabriano paper
382/11, Turtujarti, 60x90cm, Acrylic on canvas
424/11, Turtujarti , 60x120cm, Acrylic on canvas ** need her award winning painting
442/09, Ripple, 45x60cm, Acrylic on canvas
771/10, Kurrkapi Tree, 60x60cm, Acrylic on canvas
820/09, Warlirri, 60x90cm, Acrylic on canvas
447/09, Yukiri, 45x60cm, Acrylic on canvas
829/09, Jila, 50x65cm, Acrylic on Velin arches paper
830/09, Marangu (grinding stone), 50x65cm, Acrylic on Velin arches paper
827/09, Jila (waterhole), 50x65cm, Acrylic on Velin arches paper