Lisa Uhl   -  Turtujarti - 1st-25th May 2013
Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi
51 Victoria St, Fitzroy, Victoria


Mangkaja Arts in conjunction with Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi are excited to announce the third Solo Exhibition of our beautiful and exciting artist, Lisa Uhl.

Lisa depicts Turtujarti, walnut trees from the Great Sandy Desert. She depicts these with mesmerising effect through her repetitive imagery and layering of colours creating an atmospheric rhythm within her works, which speaks of the humidity and expanse of the Kimberley. Amazingly Lisa has never seen these trees. Though she creates her amazing works through the stories and knowledge that has been passed on to her by her aunty, Jukuja Dolly Snell, who raised her from an infant. Whilst speaking to Lisa, Dolly recants ‘these trees are good for shade and you can collect honey from them’ In her country of Kaningarra they slept under theses trees for a long time.

Enquiries can be made to Samantha or Rod

51 Victoria St, Fitzroy, VIC

T  03 9416 4170