'Martuwarra'  (River Country) - Sonia Kurarra

Mangkaja Arts in conjunction with Aboriginal and Pacific Art are thrilled to announce the forthcoming solo exhibition of works by Sonia Kurarra in February, 2013. This body of work stands testament to Sonia's practice and to her position in both the Aboriginal and Contemporary Art Markets. We are delighted to be able to bring these beautiful contemporary works by such an exciting artist to our clients. The Exhibition, 'Martuwarra' will run between the 5th and 23rd of February, 2013 @ 2 Danks St, Waterloo, NSW. Please find below a selection of available works, with the full show viewable at www.aboriginalpacificart.com.au in early February. 

Sonia paints the sandy billabong country along the stretch of the Fitzroy River that runs directly behind her community, Nookanbah. After the floodwaters recede, there are billabongs that hold a plentiful supply of parlka [barramundi], kurlumajarti [catfish] and bream which she dipicts beautifully through her uninhibited style and lively use of colour. Sonia paints these images of her Martuwarra (river country) over and over as though they are etched into her psyche; works that are linear representations in monotones and others that are layers lathered on with wild and confident brush strokes. These contemporary compositions display an outstanding understanding of both colour and balance

Enquiries: info@aboriginalpacificart.com.au