Melvyn Street & Davind Chuguna Travel to London, UK with Pat Lowe

Mervyn Street and David Chuguna travelled to London with the support and guidance of the wonderful author Pat Lowe, representing Mangkaja Arts and Magabala Books. It was their first trip overseas and a major achievement for them both.  Together our little group launched the new Magabala book – ‘The Girl from the Sandy Desert’, coauthored by Pat Lowe and Mona Chuguna, David’s mother, and illustrated by Mervyn Street.  The book was launched at the Australian and New Zealand Art and Literature Festival in London, the artists presented on panels and workshops and were very popular amongst the festival attendants.  Mervyn Street and Mona Chuguna’s works were exhibited at Rebecca Hossack Galleries and we must thank them for being such generous hosts to our travellers. Our group returned home with many stories to share and very proud of their accomplishments!