Milinti Dorothy & Ngarralja Tommy May - 4th-25th May 2013
Tunbridge Gallery
Shop 3/101 Bussell Highway Margaret River WA 6285


Mangkaja Arts in conjunction with Tunbridge Gallery are excited to announce an exhibition of new works by Milinti Dorothy and Ngarralja Tommy May. 

Ngarralja Tommy May is a Wangkajunga/Walmajarri man. He was born at Yarrnkurnja in the Great Sandy Desert. He dances and sings Kurtal, a ceremony relating to the main jila [living waterhole] in his country. He is also a painter and printmaker. Tommy recants "I first saw paintings in caves. I learned a lot from people, mostly my father and grandfather. I was living all around in my country, camping all around. When I paint I think about this."

Milinti Dorothy May is a Walmajarri woman and was born at Old Cherrabun Station along the Fitzroy River. "At an early age my mother and father took me on a wagon all around Yakanarra, but I worked for a long time at Old Cherrabun Station.  When I first met my husband Ngarralja Tommy May we were friends but now we have had six children together! I paint at Mangkaja now, I have been painting here for a long time"

This outstanding body of work by both artists depicts their country and their families country of the Great Sandy Desert. They depict the Jilji (sand hills) Jila (waterholes) Jumu (soak waters) and stories from their dreamtime. These are important places for both them and their people which we are pleased to share through this beautiful body of work.

Enquiries can be made to Julienne or Amy

Tunbridge Gallery

Shop 3/101 Bussell Highway

Margaret River WA 6285

T  08 9758 7900