Date of Birth: 
Great Sandy Desert

I came with my mother and father when I was a little. I went right up to Pikarangu (Joanna Springs). I was 'a little bit big one' when I first saw kartiya. I came out from my country onto Dampier Downs Station with my parents. They took me to the station and then they went back to the desert. They stopped there at the station with me for a little while. They gave me to my husband and then they left me there. 

I had four boys and two girls with one husband. I was working on Udialla Springs and all of my kids were born there. I worked in the garden, cuttng trees and cleaning around the house. After Udialla we moved to Bidyadanga. That's when I lost my husband. 

I came first to Mayata for a holiday and then I came back to Looma to live. There were no houses, just bough sheds. I started painting at Jarlmadanga Community (c. mid 1990's). I just started myself, no one showed me. I heard about painting from the jila painying, from Pirnini. I thought about that and thought I've got my own jila, two jila; Pikarangu and Wurriarra. That's how I started.