Our Mission

Mangkaja Arts improves the lives of the Aboriginal people of the Fitzroy Valley - culturally, economically and socially. Mangkaja is the place we come together for painting country and sharing stories so all people can increase their understanding of the importance of country.

Mangkaja is an Art Centre that provides a vital social, economic and artistic service to the community members of Fitzroy Crossing and a broader service to the Australian Art Industry, building and maintaining a collection of exceptional and nationally significant art works and artefacts from the Kimberley region.


Value to the community
Mangkaja  Arts Resource Agency:

  • Manages an artist studio providing quality art materials, business and governance training, guidance  and an atmosphere supporting artistic development
  • Supports the maintenance of Indigenous language and culture of the west Kimberley region. Through art production, recording of stories and dance and return to country trips with artists.
  • Facilitates intergenerational learning between artist and young people of the region.
  • Employs local Indigenous people, providing economic opportunities and training for career development in the arts and community development.
  • Has a local focus but an international reputation
  • Improves health, self-esteem and life skills through its arts studio
  • Provides recreational and vocational opportunities
  • Provides pathways for individuals and respite for families and carers
  • Promotes participation by people with disabilities
  • Employs professional visual artists to support studio artists
  • Promotes the value of artists nationally and internationally through exhibitions, competitions and the wider Indigenous Australian Art Industry and Contemporary Australian art networks
  • Advocates for greater community understanding of the value of art by Indigenous Australians
  • Exhibits, produces and publishes the original work of the artists
  • Maintains a collection of national heritage significance for the future prosperity of art and culture in the Kimberley and broader Indigenous Australian Art context.


Sponsorship benefits offered
Mangkaja will provide:

  • Promotional opportunities targeting state and national government, galleries, museums and the Indigenous Australian art industry, Fitzroy Valley community, staff and other local and national stakeholders
  • High level access to nationally renowned and highly sought after art works by Mangkaja Artists
  • Professional development for employees involved in Mangkaja events and exhibitions
  • Brand alignment with a longstanding best practice Indigenous Not for Profit Art Centre and community service provider
  • Use of artists' work for your publications and website
  • Positive media coverage of the company's commitment to Indigenous communities, Indigenous art and community development for remote Indigenous people,
  • Acknowledgement on Mangkaja promotional material
  • Invitations and ticket allocations to Mangkaja events and exhibition openings.  


Sponsorship benefits sought
Financial support for our collection, studio workshops, artist professional development and training opportunities and exhibitions.

  • Investment in the building of the new Mangkaja gallery and Museum to showcase and better preserve the Mangkaja collection to make it accessible for the community and generations to come.
  • Funding for on country programs to return artists to country and maintain strong culture and language through intergenerational learning.  
  • In-kind services including vehicle travel and artwork delivery
  • Cost reductions through improved efficiencies eg. IT and office services
  • Products as appropriate – both arts practise and office related
  • Alignment with corporations demonstrating best practice
  • Introductions to corporate colleagues and suppliers
  • Access to marketing personnel for advice on marketing and branding and graphic design
  • Professional expertise and mentoring regarding corporate operations
  • Employees volunteering for special gallery or on country events, art studio practise.




We will make direct contact with you to discuss your interest.