Edwin was born in Derby, grew up in Yakanarra, traveled back and forth from Noonkanbah and Jimbalukudungj, visiting families during school breaks and ceremonies. As a little fella he o en went hunting up to three times a week, learning about the land from his elders. It wasn’t until he was eight or nine years old that he started going to school, a little bough shed school. When he turned sixteen he then went to an Agricultural School at Chris an Brothers Agricultural Society School (CBASS) learning about the land in a white fella way, how to cultivate land and build on land. He was playing football at the me and was even 

selected to play for Aboriginal All Stars five years straight though he chose not to go to Perth for the training. He knew he had potential then but he didn’t really think about it too much at that me. 

Even winning an art award while at CBASS was fun to him. This was during this me that his people started getting their homelands back and families were returning to the forefather’s original spiritual country. It was an exciting me and Edwin didn’t want to miss that one for the world. Drawn back to country, Edwin returned to Yakanarra his father’s side, to get more connected and involved with his people. 

Art was a reason to go back to country. Edwin felt like art was an opening for country to welcome him back. His current painting style draws from his given names from his mother and father’s side. His names show him ways to explore painting in new contemporary ways. The names are like pathways that he follows. Edwin paints stories told from dreams. 

2012 Nominated for the Deadly Vibe Awards
2011 WA Broome Shinju Arts Awards Finalist in the Indigenous category
2010 WA Broome Shinju Arts Awards Finalist in the Indigenous category
2009 WA Derby Kimberley Arts Awards First Place Indigenous category
2009 WA Broome Shinju Arts Awards First Place Indigenous category
2008 WA Broome Shinju Arts Awards First Place Indigenous category
2013 CHOGM Perth/BHP Gallery as part of WA week NOMAD TWO WORLDS
2012 Solo Exhibition, Western Australia/Broome the OBL Gallery
2011 Nomad Two Worlds Old Coin Factory, Berlin, Germany
2010 Solo Exhibition, Germany & Holland, Rotterdam
2010 Portraits of Diversity CHOGM (Commonwealth Head Of Government Mee ngs), WA
2008 Nomad Two Worlds Metro 5 Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
2013 Australian Indigenous Diary Mugabala Books
2012 The Western Australian Papers
2012 WA Broome Local Papers
2012 Ngarlimbah-it’s about us. On Vimeo ABC
2012 Deadly Vibe Edwin Lee Mulligan: Walking in Two Worlds
2010 ABC the Jimmy Pike Trust Launch
2010 ABC Documentary/The Extraordinary Story of William Buckley
2009 NITV Na onal Indigenous Television