Mangkaja is an Indigenous Art Centre providing vital social, economic and artistic services to the community members of the Fitzroy Valley and the West Kimberley and a broader service to the Australian Art Industry. It has been in operation for over twenty years, recording and maintaining a collection of exceptional and nationally significant art works and artifacts from the Kimberley region.

Mangkaja is supported by Government for its core operations but relies on the support of community members, art collectors, organisations and companies to run the numerous programs and services for its artists.

We have two key programs that are in great need of donations and support.  Mangkaja is giving our supporters the choice to give to one of these two major programs:



Plans are ready for a beautiful extension to our artist studio, designed and approved by our artists.  All we need is the funds to build.  This extension will establish a major community, artistic and cultural hub for the Fitzroy Valley where the longstanding collection of artworks, films and artifacts can be displayed permanently and appropriately for visitors and even more importantly artists, community and family members of artists, both deceased and still with us.

This extension will provide more workspace for culturally appropriate painting by men and women and a new workshop space to engage young people in new projects to learn from the senior artists of their communities,  and a beautiful gallery space to exhibit our major collection.

Support us in funding this magnificent building project.  We need $2,000,000 to get us across the line and every little bit helps!



Mangkaja’s Cultural Program is designed, utilizing cultural governance protocols, to support the maintenance and transference of cultural knowledge and promote wellbeing for Aboriginal people in the Fitzroy Valley region.  The return to country program is a vital service returning artists and their families to significant sites that inform their art and cultural practice such as hunting, bush food collecting and artifact making.  Your funds will support these trips assisting in the cost of fuel and food to get the artists and their families out there.  Most recently we raised over $50,000 to return our most senior artists to a site in the Great Sandy Desert, this also supported their native title claim to the area and transference of knowledge to the younger generations.

Support our artists and their families to return to country and maintain their cultural responsibilities, improve health and wellbeing and reinforce cultural governance. $150 will pay for one troupe carriers fuel and get six artists out onto country, a little bit goes a long way!

We thankyou for your support. Please be aware all donations are tax deductible.