Great Sandy Desert

I was born in the 1930s near Nampinpa country in the Great Sandy Desert. I grew up in
Yimpurrpa and travelled down the Canning Stock Route. My mother Wayurla Napurrula passed away
at Tangku and my father at Nampinpa.
When I was about 12 or 13 years old, my sister Ngamapu Napangardi took me to Christmas Creek.
The station manager there was a kartiya [European] who sent me to Yeeda Station to work. I returned
to Christmas Creek as a stockman. I used to walk around or use a donkey to get around. I drove
bullocks across the Tanami Desert from Balgo to Alice Springs and worked in every station.
I began painting at Karrayili in Wangkajunga. In the 1990s I began to make artefacts and carvings.
I’ve been painting with Mangkaja Arts since the late 1990s.