Date of Birth: 


I was born in Subiaco down in Perth. I have a twin brother, and back then in the 70’s all the twins had to be born down in there from the Kimberley.  I grew up here in Fitzroy Crossing, in Junjuwa community. We moved to my grandfather’s country and started Biridu community in the early 90s when the land was given back.


I have a mixed family background. My grand father is Bunuba, one grand mother is Walmajarri and my other grandmother is Djaru. My fathers grandmother was Gooniyandi. My walmajarri Grandmother is Munmurria Daisy Andrews, she is a famous artist.


Back in school I was always into sports but I won my first art award back in 1990 when I was in school here in Fitzroy. In 2006 I moved to perth and worked as an art teachers aid for one year. The teacher noticed that I was good at painting and it was during this time that I started to take my painting seriously. I started painting from the heart with anger, missing my counrty but then I noticed some of my paintings were to confronting. I started painting my ancestor’s country ,dream time,  and stories of Jundamarra. I prefer sharing these stories now with people.


I started painting with Mangkaja Arts in 2010 and also with Warmun Art Centre in 2011 when I moved back to Turkey Creek for a while. 

16/11, Buluwa Gurerah (Y-Spring), 60x90cm, Acrylic on canvas
397/11, Elimbidie Ungud, 60x60cm, Acrylic on canvas
398/11, Lani Gnohu (Dreamtime Father),  60x60cm, Acrylic on canvas
559/10, Naranguni Nowangu, 90x90cm, Acrylic on canvas
716/10, thudarndi Ungud & Ginminmara (rainmaker), 180x240cm, Acrylic on canvas
806/10, The Little people, 180x240cm, Acrylic on canvas
851/10, Death Adder, 60x90cm, Acrylic on canvas