Mangkaja Arts in conjunction with Tunbridge Gallery are excited to announce an exhibition of new works by Milinti Dorothy and Ngarralja Tommy May. 

Ngarralja Tommy May is a Wangkajunga/Walmajarri man. He was born at Yarrnkurnja in...

04.05.13 - 25.05.13
Tunbridge Gallery


Mangkaja Arts in conjunction with Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi are excited to announce the third Solo Exhibition of our beautiful and exciting artist, Lisa Uhl.

Lisa depicts Turtujarti, walnut trees from the Great Sandy Desert. She depicts these with...

01.05.13 - 25.05.13
Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi


Mangkaja Arts on behalf of his family and in conjunction with Seva Frangos Art are humbled to bring you an exhibtion of works by the recently passed, Mawukura Jimmy Nerrimah.

The exhibition is a tribute to this esteemed artist, born 1929 Wili, Great Sandy...

01.05.13 - 25.05.13
Seva Frangos Art

Mangkaja Arts in conjunction with ReDot Fine Art Gallery are excited to announce the unearthing of a significant...

06.02.13 - 09.03.13
ReDot Gallery Singapore

Mangkaja Arts in conjunction with Aboriginal and Pacific Art are thrilled to announce the forthcoming solo exhibition of works by Sonia Kurarra in February, 2013....

05.02.13 - 23.02.13

Daisy Japulja paints images of both Martuwarra (river country) and her parent's Jilji (sand hill) country. In these works Daisy relives the stories told of her mothers and fathers country, and retells those of her own river country. Daisy uses lively colours  and a...

07.11.12 - 17.11.12

'Wirrinyiya ngaragngarag birra ngamoo ngamoo' 

In this shelter, everybody has been making artefacts and paintings for a long time. An Exhibition marking the Twenty First Anniversary of Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency...

253 Grenfell Street Adelaide, SA 5000
Fri, 05/25/2012